Game Processing

Lost Creek Ranch works with Neils Taxidermy and Wild Game Processing for all game processing and taxidermy needs. Neil's is the best in the business! The cost of dressing and transportation to Neil's is included with all of our all inclusive hunting packages.

Your processed game may be shipped anywhere in the country..  Neil's Taxidermy and wild game processing offers a variety of meats and cuts well beyond your typical steak, chops, and roasts.  


  • Deer Processing $85.00
  • Hog Processing $40-100
  • Exotics $85-200
  • Gutting Fee $35

“Hunters for the Hungry”   $35.00 per animal

Items listed below will incur additional cost to the above Cut & Wrap pricing


Type Price per pound
Jerky 5.00 
Snack Sticks 5.00 
Summer Sausage 3.00
Smoked Sausage 3.00
Polish Sausage 3.00
Breakfast Sausage 1.50

*All prices are for lean pork.

*Sausage is made using 50% venison and 50% pork unless otherwise specified


Neil's Taxidermy And Wild Game Processing

211 College Rd.

Whitt Texas 76490

Phone: (940) 859-9363

Processing & Reservations

If you have any questions regarding processing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We recommend making reservations well in advance to secure availability.